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One Cream A Thousand and One Beauty Care....

       The royalty women centuries ago came from the most expensive cream gathered and extract from different parts of the world.

       In one part of the Mediterranean, a Syrian chemist discovered a similar cream formula containing the same quality and   concentration from that of what the queens and princesses used.

The Truth is now Revealed Beneath that lasting Beauty..............

There is no secret after all.... It's just plain Magic........

The Magic Cream by Amira.....

          Magic Cream - Helps illuminate skin making it softer, unusually smooth and healthy. Contains sunblock so it is effective even under the sun..

          Magic Cream - Is not only for your beautiful face, but also for your beautiful body, designed for unique uses - whitens your underarms and inguinal area and eliminates body odor and stretch marks.

           Magic Cream - Is formulated with real magic whitening complex to effectively lighten dark skin, blemishes, freckles, discoloration and scars. Removes pimples too..


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The only BFAD Registered Magic Cream

By: Amira Pharmaceutical and Medical Trading

Manufactured By Gerden Pharmaceutical Laboratories..

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